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Partial Lunar Eclipse, August 16 2008

Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 16, 2008. Photographed in Kumla, Sweden.

Total Lunar Eclipse, January 9th 2001.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on January 9, 2001 fotographed in Kumla, Sweden. 

The  Moon at greatest eclipse 21.21 CET

The eclipsed Moon among stars down to magnitude +11.

At greatest eclipse 21.21 CET

21.43 CET

Several stars were occulted during the total phase.

The same field as seen in "The Sky" from Software Bisque.

21.55 CET

The eclipsed Moon among the stars in Gemini.

55 mm  f/1,8  2 min.

The Moon and Orion in the lower right.

35 mm  f/3,5 1 min

The Moon at 20.05 CET.

Combining two images indicates the size of the earth's shadow.

Total Lunar Eclipse, January 21 2000.

The Moon at 22.30 CET.

Photographed from my back yard in Kumla, Sweden.

These eclipse images have been taken on Fuji Superia 800 film, scanned at 2400 dpi and manipulated in Photoshop.

The partial phase at 04.40 CET

The partial phase at 04.50 CET

The beginning of the totality

The totally eclipsed moon among the stars.

The same field as seen in "The Sky" from Software Bisque

The eclipsed moon between Cancer and Gemini

The moon and Praesepe, the beehive cluster at upper left.

The end of totality.

The partial phase at 06.30 CET

The partial phase at 06.50 CET